Feng Ye Floor Length Long Hair Fan-Made Documentary

A fan-made documentary on Feng Ye a floor length long hair model on chinalonghair.com

4 Responses to “Feng Ye Floor Length Long Hair Fan-Made Documentary”

  • Cancerian48 says:

    Feng Ye’s long hair is like a silken blanket around her. It would be great to see a video of her submitting her long locks to the scissors and having them cut off short.

  • akashia29 says:

    any suggestions on products to help hair grow. can’t get mine to get any longer. want about another 18 inches or so. thank you

  • MrLightmage says:

    You have beautiful, thick hair Feng Ye!

  • arisetiyowibowo says:

    I love Feng Ye so much with her thick beautiful looooooooooooong hair.
    Please let it longer longer and longer…………..

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